EKI Project

Mixed model (print and digital)

Ikaselkar publishers have worked on this combination of formats from the start of the EKI project, using both print and digital formats in eight different academic subjects. These innovative teaching materials are available in digital format (Blink) and in print, placing particular emphasis on developing digital skills.

In addition to didactic units, activity cards and workbooks, there is also a website: www.ekigunea.eus. The audio files, videos, animations, pictures, complementary activities, cards for developing digital skills and information-textsneeded for working on the various academic subjects are available there.


In the digital area, the EKI project’s RTD-based innovative educational material – which has been digitally developed for the eight academic subjects and is entirely digital is available to the school community. The digital area is very important nowadays, and this material makes it possible to carry out the EKI project in an entirely digital environment.

By making the EKI project available to the school community, schools which all of the formats in their classrooms to be digital will have access to this new, innovative pedagogical material.

Virtual leraning enviroment: Blink

•    As this educational material is based on skills, it includes the development of digital skills: ICT is included in all academic subjects.
•    Pupils are central to this digital model. By using technology they will become creators, developing the products required by each learning situation, sometimes individually and sometimes in groups.
•    This is an advanced digital package (LMS), a virtual environment based on a Moodle platform.
•    Teachers and pupils have access via their usernames and passwords. Pupils do the activities on the platform itself, and teachers can follow their work at any time.
•    This makes personalised learning possible because teaching materials are adaptable. Teachers can adapt the didactic units by making changes to the existing activities or by introducing new ones.
•    For more information: 
            •   Blinklearning.com 
            •   Blinklearning on Youtube 
            •   For orders:  Ikaselkar   |   ikaselkar@ikaselkar.eus   |    943 22 58 76