EKI Project

We work with schools
The world is changing quickly, and one of the educational community’s main challenges is encouraging, developing and working on personal development. In that regard, and in order to assist with the teaching and learning process which the EKI project is based on, Ikaselkar assists schools and makes the experience it has acquired over the years available to them.

Consultancy   Training plan   Follow-up
  In order to adapt to the new educational model and put EKI project’s innovative pedagogical model into practice, we count on the experience we have built up over the years. Each school has its own situation, and they will have our assistance to adapt the project for it and put it in place.     Knowing that EKI project is based on innovative pedagogy, and that teachers are indispensable for it, it is our objective to develop teachers’ skills. To do so, we offer extensive training in connection with our pedagogical approach, the new model, the digital environment, etc. This attractive offer will be adapted to suit new times.     We have mentioned that we wish to assist schools and, to do so, we will provide them with nearby channels of reference which will be able to offer them help and guide their response.